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{type your most important promotion}

In this video, I’ll show you {video title}. Enjoy! 

{Add here a few paragraphs about your video}

🌍Check my website / blog: {website URL}
👕Buy my merch! {merch URL}
🎙️Listen to my podcast: {podcast URL}
Join my Patreon Channel: {patreon URL}
📸Add me on Instagram: {Instagram URL}
🐦Add me on Twitter: {Twitter URL}
📕Add me on Facebook: {Facebook URL}
👻Add me on Snapchat: {Snapchat URL}
🧑‍💼Add me on LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL}

{Describe your channel}

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Use our YouTube video description generator to create YouTube video descriptions and find tips for writing the perfect YouTube video descriptions in this guide.

Ever wondered how to make your YouTube channel’s videos attractive? 

HOW TO MAKE A GREAT VIDEO | Beginners Guide [Quick And Easy]

Sure their names and thumbnails are the essential tools that you need to lure in your audience. 

But the most important thing, the ornament to a YouTube video, is its description. 

But how do you make the perfect video description? 

What do you need to add and what to exclude? 

All those questions must really get your brain tied up in a knot! 

Here are some of my favorite YouTube tools:

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But hey, worry not! 

Like always, we have the answers and the solutions to all your Youtube description troubles! 

YouTube Video Description Templates:

We know all these strategic points can still not fill the confusion void you must have in your mind regarding the descriptions of your videos. 

But as promised, we are here to help! 

So we have drafted some video description templates of different styles inspired by some of the most thriving channels on YouTube.

I hope it helps!

Introductory Style:

Many YouTubers go for an introductory style for the description of their every video. In this description style, the YouTuber starts from a very basic introduction in a friendly manner. The templates are given below:

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you how [topic]. Watch more to learn about [topic] and don’t forget to like and subscribe this video!

🌍Check my website / blog: {website URL}
👕Buy my merch! {merch URL}
🎙️Listen to my podcast: {podcast URL}
Join my Patreon Channel: {patreon URL}
📸Add me on Instagram: {Instagram URL}
🐦Add me on Twitter: {Twitter URL}
📕Add me on Facebook: {Facebook URL}
👻Add me on Snapchat: {Snapchat URL}
🧑‍💼Add me on LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL}

[Write at least 3 paragraphs explaining your video]

[Write a paragraph about your channel or add a discliamer if you're using affiliate links]

Direct Style:

Most YouTubers like to keep a direct approach and get straight to the point in their descriptions. This style can also ensure you some high engagement in your videos. The template is given below:

[Add an eye-catching title here. you can use our YouTube Video Title Generator]

In this video, I'll show you [topic]. It's essential for every [your audience (ex. designer,marketer etc.)] to understand how to [topic]. From [sub topic] to [sub topic] you'll learn here how to [what will be the outcome?].

Want more? Check out my [name of your article/tutorial/course with a link]

Here's what you'll see in this video:
[Add timestamps of the sections in your video]

Follow Me:
Website / blog: {website URL}
Buy my merch! {merch URL}
Podcast: {podcast URL}
Patreon Channel: {patreon URL}
Instagram: {Instagram URL}
Twitter: {Twitter URL}
Facebook: {Facebook URL}
Snapchat: {Snapchat URL}
LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL}

[Add here more information about your channel]
GET MY NEW [Add here your course/product/promotional content] [FOR A LIMITED TIME/FOR FREE/HURRY,IT'S ALMOST SOLD OUT] ►
[Add a link here to your course/product/promotional content]

Want more? Check out my [name of your article/tutorial/course with a link]

Make sure to get notified:
👕Buy Merch! {merch URL}
🎙️Listen to my Podcast: {podcast URL}
Join my Patreon Channel: {patreon URL}
📸Add me on Instagram: {Instagram URL}
🐦Add me on Twitter: {Twitter URL}
📕Add me on Facebook: {Facebook URL}
👻Add me on Snapchat: {Snapchat URL}
🧑‍💼Add me on LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL}
🌍Website / blog: {website URL}

[Add here more information about your channel]

Branding Style:

Most YouTube channels are actually brands trying to promote their products through YouTube. So if your channel is associated with a brand, then you need a different approach in the description of your videos, something like below:

Get started today  ► [Add a link to your product]

[Enter brand’s name] can help you [what is your value]. We are all about [enter topic/keyword ]and are enthusiastic to share everything we know about [enter topic/keyword] with our viewers! Make sure to smash the Like button and subscribe to our channel to know more about [enter topic/keyword].

Here's what you'll see in this video:
[Add timestamps of the sections in your video]

Make sure to get notified:
🌍Website / blog: {website URL}
👕Buy Merch! {merch URL}
🎙️Listen to our Podcast: {podcast URL}
📸Add us on Instagram: {Instagram URL}
🐦Add us on Twitter: {Twitter URL}
📕Add us on Facebook: {Facebook URL}
👻Add us on Snapchat: {Snapchat URL}
🧑‍💼Add us on LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL}

[Add here more information about your channel]

So let’s help you craft up the perfect YouTube channel description!

Breaking Down A Good Youtube Video Description

YouTube Video Description

What Is A Youtube Video Description?

A YouTube video description is a piece of text that will follow a YouTube video. It often describes the context of a video whether for a better understanding of what the video is about or promotional reasons.

Whenever you upload a YouTube video, you must have encountered the description panel on the video. 

Your YouTube video description is like a gateway for your audience to your video. 

It gives your audience a hint about the type of content you’ve covered on your video and what you are aiming to provide for your followers through your video. 

In other words, your video description; after your name and thumbnail, is the communication channel you can use to convince your viewers to hit that subscribe button! 

It’s basically your video’s metadata! 

How To Write The Perfect Description:

YouTube Video Description

In order to write the best YouTube video description use our generator or one of our templates below.

Now, that you know the importance of a YouTube video description section.

You must be wondering how to come up with the perfect video description.

A description that gives all the information your viewers are looking for.

One that makes it irresistible for them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. 

We have devised a simple strategy that can help you achieve that! 

So let’s see what the strategy has to say!

Long Description:

Whenever you are writing a description for your YouTube video, you want to deliver the most you can to your viewers. Most YouTubers do not pay much attention to this section while uploading their video and lose some valuable subscribers. But the major and actual one-to-one interaction that you are going to have with your audience before they reach out to your content is your description. You need to include literally everything in your Youtube video description. That is why our advice to you is to keep it at least 200 words long. The longer the description, the easier it would be for your audience to connect to the message on your YouTube video. So do not hesitate while typing, write your heart out! A long description is like a golden ticket for your channel’s video to appear among the top searches of YouTube

Include Keywords:

It is no secret that YouTube is the largest search engine, after Google. So the entire algorithm of YouTube works on keywords. Include those keywords in your video’s description which can easily and directly link up to your channel’s content. The video with the most related and similar keywords appears among the top searches of YouTube. A trick to include keywords is to insert them in the first 2-3 sentences of your Youtube video description. That makes it easier for YouTube to fish out your channel’s video among thousands of others with the same keyword. 

You can try it yourself! For example, if you are looking for some chocolate glaze recipes, just go ahead and type in the search bar of YouTube ‘chocolate glaze recipe’. You will be surprised to see that all the videos that appear among the top searches have the keywords ‘chocolate’, ‘glaze’, and ‘recipe’ in them!

Optimize Your Description:

YouTube Video Description

When working with search engines like Google and YouTube, optimization always serves as the key to getting your video the limelight that it deserves. You need to optimize your video’s description thoroughly so that it benefits your viewers. But how to do that? A simple tip is to not include links at the beginning of your description. This may make your video appear among the top searches but the dull outlook will not get you much attention. Try to catch the eyes of your audience by enlisting the benefits they are looking for in the first few sentences of your description. This will make your video appear more attractive and appealing when it pops up among the top searches on YouTube. Whatever you are aiming for through your video, never forget the CTA (call to action) mode in your descriptions. So yes! Optimization is the key that you are looking for!

Repeating Keywords:

Although we have emphasized on inserting the keywords in the first 2-3 sentences of your video’s description, this does not mark the limit. To create more emphasis on your video and to convince your audience that your video content is dedicated solely to the keyword, then you might want to repeat that keyword a few times more. We are not encouraged to over-stack the keyword and push it into every sentence, that would just give your video a very needy and untidy look. What you want to do to gain some traffic in a systemized way is to use the same keyword at least 3 times in a description: at the beginning, in the middle, and the last one in the end. The impact will leave on your video will have you amazed!

Relevant Keywords:

This is another valuable tip that you would definitely want to jot down. Use relevant keywords. Sure, keywords make your optimization game strong. But with so many channels in the YouTube community sharing similar content and videos, it becomes a challenge to make your description shine. One way to do that is to use some other relevant keywords that will guarantee your video a pass to appear on other similar channels. Let’s consider the above example of chocolate glaze. Surely those 3 keywords will guarantee your video a spot among the top 5 searches. But how about we expand your video’s exposure? Try including the keywords ‘bake’ and ‘cakes’ in your description and be amazed at the sudden engagement that your video will receive! It will also land your video as the ‘Suggested Videos’ column on your viewers’ screen! 

Authentic Content:

YouTube Video Description

The most important step is having authentic content. None of the points above would be of any value unless your content is 200% authentic, real, and definitely your own. That will not only save your video from severe copyright issues but will also create an original and exclusive connection between you and your followers. Each and every video that you upload on your channel must be distinguished on the basis of the description. They all need to be unique in their own way, not only in terms of content but also in terms of descriptions. So make sure your channel does not get any overlapping descriptions! 

Conversational Description:

The easiest way to grab your audience’s attention is to be friendly and controversial in your description. The more friendly approach you will adopt, the more you will take your viewers into your confidence. A description needs to be in a conversational style. A robotic description or one that’s too much restricted will not spark any excitement among your viewers. If you want to attract them, it’s better to greet them with a smile! 

How To Edit Your Video Descriptions

YouTube Video Description

We cannot always be perfect on the first try.

So, don’t worry about acing the video description on your very first try. 

Perhaps sometime in the future, you may feel like you can make some valuable changes to it.

Here’s a guide that can help you to make those changes to your channel’s video description! 

But first, you need to download the YouTube Studio app to make things easier for you as a YouTuber. 

  1. First things first, download YouTube Studio.
  2. Sign in to your account on YouTube Studio. You will get the complete analytics of all the videos uploaded on the channel, like the dates they have been uploaded on, the restriction imposed on them (if any), and other features.
  3. Hover over to the thumbnail of your video. You will see some options there.
  4. Click on the ‘edit description’ option and edit up your description instantly! 
YouTube Video Description

You must have seen video descriptions of multiple famous YouTubers that are loaded with links or URLs. 

Some directed to other social platforms and others to their website or merch. 

Adding links can step up your YouTube channel’s game.

This is because it provides your viewers with direct access to your other social forums and to all the products that you used in your video.

This provides the authenticity of your content and definitely taking your audience into confidence. 

Plus, they create a very professional and optimized video description that can surely help you to lure in some audience! 

So let’s see how you can get this done via your desktop:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube channel.
  2. Click on the profile picture of your channel which is one the top right corner of the screen.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear, click on YouTube Studio.
  4. Complete analytics and a summary of your videos will pop up. 
  5. Click the title or the thumbnail of the video that you wish to change its description of.
  6. Copy up the link or URL that you want to insert in your description and paste it in the description box. Hit save.
  7. Once you have saved, YouTube will automatically convert the link’s text into an accessible URL. Click on it to make sure that it’s working. 

This was changing the description via the desktop. 

You can also do the same by using your cellphone. Here’s how!

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Work your way up to the video whose description you wish to edit. You will see tiny 3 dots on the corner of the video.
  3. Tap it and you will have some options.
  4. Click on the ‘edit’ option. An interface will pop up where you can change the description.
  5. Paste the desired URL in the description box.
  6. Hit save!

Wrapping Up

We really hope this article proved helpful to you, especially, if you are a new YouTuber!

Doing your YouTube video description shouldn’t feel difficulty anymore.

We wish a bunch of luck to you! 

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