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Use our blog posts headline generator to create attention-grabbing titles and discover how to write a great blog post headline using the tips in this guide.

Did you know that 80% of your online readers are likely to read your blog post headline? 

However, just 20% are likely to read the complete blog post.

What’s happening here? 

Blog Posts Headline Generator

It means, it takes the words in your headline to help a reader decide whether they should continue reading or not.

So, if the headline doesn’t feed their curiosity, they aren’t likely to continue. 

Any blogger who understands this will spent a lot of time crafting the perfect blog post title

Otherwise, unique content that contains immersive material in it but with the wrong headline won’t gain any results. 

So, what makes a good blog post headline and how do you create one?

In today’s post, we are providing you with everything you need to generate a catchy headline. 

That’s a blog posts headline generator and helpful tips to come up with a blog title that brings the desired results.  

Table of Contents:

Blog Post Headline (title) Generator:

  1. How To Write The Perfect Headline? 
  2. 100+ Creative Headlines Examples 

How to Write The Perfect Headline?

Bloggers spent tons of time researching the latest and most significant content that they can introduce in their blog posts. 

But, even with the good content, they don’t always see the desired results.

Do you want to know the hidden secret behind getting maximum traffic on your blog posts?

Let us reveal to you this magical way that can boost traffic on your blog post.   

That has everything to do with the headlines. 

Write a Great Headline or Title

Blog Posts Headline Generator

Yes, by adding a Great Headline.

Your blog post will be able to gather the maximum audience and get attention. 

Think of your headline as the first lick of the ice-cream; if it tastes useful to the reader, the reader will eventually eat the whole ice-cream. 

Don’t let your reader skip your Blog. 

You are the one who can keep the ball rolling.

So, go on and entice your audience into reading the content of your Blog. 

Once that is done, and you have built momentum, your audience will be more likely to read the rest of your blog posts thoroughly.  

So, how do you write a great title?

Think Differently:

The Headline of your blog post is the source of income for you. 

Blog post headlines make up for 50% of your blog post’s total effectiveness

Blog post Headlines are your Salespeople.

So, boost your blog post’s performance by writing a great headline.

This way, your blog posts will attract more people and earn more and more clicks. 

The only tool you can use to attract potential readers to your blog posts is the Headline. 

Let’s learn how you can write a Great Headline and boost your blog traffic:

#1 Use Numbers in Your Headlines:

Do you know that the headlines in which specific numbers are mentioned are 36% more popular?

Research has shown that numbers in headlines can improve clicks on your blog posts and increase engagement rates by 73%.

You can see plenty of examples in real life. 

Like in the first cover page of a magazine, you will notice plenty of numbered headlines. 

So try to stick some specific numbers in your blog headline. 

Make it shorter and more eye-catching.  

Some Examples of Headlines along with Numbers:

-5 Ways to boost your_________

-10 Tips to _____ (straighten your hair)

-3 Experts Reveal their _____ Secrets.

=> Very Short and Specific information. 

#2. Be Specific in Your Headlines:

Be specific while writing your Headline. 

Focus on a particular problem. 

You can also ask questions to your readers through your Headline.

For Example:

-7 tips to Style your Hair for Halloween

-7 ways to DIY a Dress on Halloween

-Are you worried about what to wear this Halloween, here’s a perfect DIY a Dress this Halloween. 

=>If someone is new to the tech world and searching for ways to DIY a dress for Halloween, they will click on the 3 examples. So it’s ideally a win-win situation.

#3 Write Headlines That Give Assurance of Unique Information:   

Blog posts headline generator

How many times have you jumped onto a blog post which had the exact information you wanted?

Probably the 3rd or 4th blog post from your search will be the best one. 

This is quite disappointing. 

Most of the articles are reshaped or mere re-writes of the old stuff. 

A great headline should include the information covered in the blog post.

Your audience need to find the content that’s insinuated in the title.

This is the only way you can assure your audience that you’ll always have valuable content within your blog post. 


-The Easiest Way to ________ that you’ve never tried.

– Top 10__________tricks that experts (hairdresser, health care professional, or another profession) won’t tell you about.

-10 weird ways to________ (to do something)

=> Give your readers the information they won’t find anywhere else. But be sure that the information you are sharing through your blog post is authentic. 

#4 Add Some FOMO in Blog post Headline:

Create a state of urgency in your headline. 

The best tip to get more clicks and readers for your blog post. 

Let your readers know that they should not miss this out.

There are some words you can add in your Headline and create a sense of urgency.





-Do ____ (this) now___, to save your______.

-Learn the secret to________ Now.

-Are you making these 5 common__________ mistakes?

#5 Create Eye-Catching Headlines along with Powerful Words:

Blog Posts Headline Generator

By adding some power words and phrases, you can call the audience towards your blog post. 

Expert bloggers add these power words in headline titles to Calls to action. 

These power words work. 

Here are some of the powerful words that you can use. 

We, as humans, get attracts to emotions and respond rapidly towards feelings. 

Adding a single powerful word into your title can instantly transform your dull blog post into a gripping must-read one. 

So let’s look at some of the Powerful words for great headlines.

Power Words for Urgent Headlines:

Grab, Limited, Get, Only, Secret, Proven ways, guaranteed Etc.

Title Example for Powerful words:

-10 ____habits you need to adopt right now.

-Proven _____ Strategies that will increase your ____.

-5 _____Tips you need to Try Today.

100+ Creative headlines examples:

There are some Headlines titles for Blog posts that contain # in them. You can simply replace the # with any number that you like. 

1.The Top (x) Ways to Solve _____
2. ______? Here’s the way to fix it quickly
3. Everything you Need To Know About _____
4. The Best Solution Ever For _____
5. No more ________ now you can fix your _________.
6. Are You Doing ________? Do This Instead! ( Are you feeling hungry, start cooking something amazing)
7. Never Worry About _____ Again
8. How To Create The Perfect (chocolate cake for your best friend) _____
9. The Top 10 Tips To Become a (freelancer)_____ Expert ( Graphic designer expert)
10. _____ Will Change Your Life! (Meditation can change your life!
11. Life-changing ways to _____ ( be an expert in astrology)
12. # Ideas To Supercharge Your _____(old dresses and reuse them)
13. How to turn (problem) into _____( turn your laptop into a notebook)
14. How to Create a _____ To Explode Your _____( slime to explode your mood)
15. Do You Want To _____? Now You Can!
16. # Ways To Master _____ ( at painting)
17. How To Own _____ Like a Pro( MS excel for free)
18. 10 Ideas To increase Your _____( knowledge)
19. Top 10  Things You Need To Change About _____( yourself)
20. How to- rapidly _____( upgrade your iOS 10 to iOS 12)
21. Top 5 Easy Fixes To _____( broken mobile)
22. 10 Guaranteed Ways To Make Your(life)(quarantine) _____ Easier
23. 5 Simple Rules To _____
24. Top 7 tips to _____
25. 10 Tips To look flawlessly beautiful _____
26. 10 Minutes That Can Change Your _____ For Ever
27. 5 simple and easy Things You Can Do To
28. Handy Tips To Create _____ in Under # Minutes
29. The Best Shortcut To achieve success overnight _____
30. Try to Triple Your Results With This _____
31. How To (do something) _____ In # Easy Steps
32. Forget(about pimples)(try this mask and forget about pimples) _____. Try This Instead
33. Top 10 Greatest Hacks For _____
34. Try This( facial egg mask) For a Week And Get _____(effective results)
35. 10 Actionable Ways To do _____
36. 10 Smart Strategies To _____(grow your business)
37. 5 Powerful Ways To _____(aesthetically build your career)
38. The great Powerful Guide To _____(learn Java)
39. The Teachers Guide To_____
40. Stop Focusing on (old fashioned techniques) _____try this Instead!
41. 5 No-NonSense Ways to _____(watch movies)
42. 10 Unusual Ways To _____(walk differently)
Things You Should Never Do _____(in your life, in the bathroom, in the kitchen)
Break The Rules now and learn How To _____(sew at home)
When (suddenly computer stops) _____ Backfires: How To Solve It
The 5 Biggest Mistakes you do  _____ And How To Solve Them
Stop Wasting Time/Money On(online shopping) _____. Try This!
Top 10 Ways To Do( say no to plastic) _____ That You Never Thought Possible!
Confessions of a _____(teacher, a broken heart)
Dear(john) _____: You Are Not _____(sorry enough, liable to)
51. 10 Amazing Stories Of(avril lavigne) _____. Number # is Unbelievable!
52. 5 Things To Do If You Are You Feeling(lonely, rejected)  _____
53. # If You Can(drink lemon)  _____, You Can Also (drink soda) _____
54. This is For You If You Will Not Settle For Less Than  _____
55. Do You Like(being tagged in a post)  _____? Then You’ll Love This!
56. 10 Reasons Why(something) Is Ok To  _____
57. The Essential Guide To(traveling to Dubai) _____
58. The Do’s And Dont’s Of (wearing a dress, perfume) _____
59. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On (HTML/CSS)_____
60. How To(do something) _____ : An (ultimate) _____ Survival Guide
61. The Step by Step Guide To(achieve success in life) _____
62. 10 Resources To Help You(record a phone call) _____
63. 10 _____ Facts(about Hollywood) _____ Should Know
64. 5 Secrets To _____(McDonald’s kitchen)
65. The Real Truth(of KFC) About _____(their kitchen, can be something else)
66. 5 Things Nobody Tells You About _____(marriage)
67. 10 Unexpected (things about babies)_____ That Will __(amaze you)___
68. How To Unlock(cheat in Subway surfers) _____
69. What Your(husband) _____ Can Reveal About Your _(mental health by your face)____
70. How To Unlock ( a jailbroken device)_____
71. Why (iPhone 11)_____ Is Really Worth _____
72. # Little Known(facts about Chicken) Ways To _____
73. This Is What Happens When You ____(eat a something without washing your hands)_
74. 10 Myths You should Ignore About _____
75. 10 Key Benefits Of ____(having a Cat)_
76. This Is The Best Tip Ever About __(having a Dog)___
77. 10 Tips For _____(having a cat) That You Can’t-Miss!
78. Top 10 Must-Read Tips On(content writing and its benefits), How you can _____
79. Top 10 Effective ways To _(generate traffic on your Blog)____
80. Top 5/10  things You Need To Know Today About (something) _____
81. 5 Questions You Must Ask(your child) Before _____
82. The Subtle Art Of ( reading a book before bedtime)_____
83. 10 Eye-Catching Ways To (look flawlessly beautiful)_____
84. 10 Creative Ways To (bake cupcakes differently)_____
85. The 10 cute Tips On How To( wish someone birthday) _____
86. Things I Learned About __(coronavirus during quarantine)___
87. 5 Things I Wish I Knew About __(the book before I get it)___
88. How I Became ( a freelance content writer/blogger)_____
89. 10 Tips That Helped Me ____( beautiful skin)_
90. 10 Reasons I Absolutely Love( about Samsung Galaxy S10) _____
91. 10 Amazing facts about Youtube_____ To Try Right Now
92. 5 Mind-Blowing Facts About _____
93. 4 Stunning (ways to try)_____ That Will Inspire You!
94. 2 Brilliant Ways To Make Your (life more comfortable with a broom)_____ More _____
95. The Greatest (book) _____ of All Times!
96. 10 Ridiculously Shocking Ways To (wear a hat)_____
97. Stop! (something amazing is waiting for you) _____ Is Not _____!
98. 5 Sure-Fire Ways To( apply an egg on your face) _____
99. 10 Fool-proof Tactics To be healthy with vegetables, To Get You More _____
100. (x) Out Of (y) People Don’t _____. Are You One Of Them?

Wrap up:

What type of Headline do you love? 

Which is the formula for Headline did you use?  

Let us know in the comment section below. 

Feel free to share with us other blog post headline generator ideas. 

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